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2 oz


Fuzz Fuel is back in time for Hairy Girl Summer! Pubic safe, plant based, and super potent despite being Essential Oil Free. Naturally scented with aromatic, hair strengthening botanicals!


"I put that shit on everything!"


  • 100% Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients

    Paraben Free. 

    Fragrance Free.

    Essential Oil Free.

    • Coffee^ infused oils smell sexy as hell and urge blood flow to the hair follicle, strengthing the root for growth. 
    • Burdock Root^ is deeply a nutritive tonic that hydrates dry hair and eases scalp inflammation for developing hairs to make way and poke through!

    • Rosemary^ enhances circulation and fights against lingering microbes inhibiting possible hair flow.

    • Holy Basil^ is potent in vitamins and flavanoids that #FeedYourHairyBody and combat free radicals.

    • Fenugreek Seed^ is an ancient skin healer commonly used in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine to calm irritation. Protein-packed and sweetly nourishing.

    • Patchouli Leaf^ is an aromatic aphrodisiac that offers antifungal properties to the hair follicle. Embrace your dirty, hairy, hippie smell!

    Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Haitian Black Castor Oil^, Coconut Oil^, Pumpkin Seed Oil^,  Vitamin E Oil^

    (^Certified organic or wildcrafted)

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