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We have experienced the [physical, emotional, sexual, and soulful] power of plants. They have moved us to remember, itch, purge, blush, bleed, and poison. With these tools, we, too, possess power.

PSYCHICK Herbs sprouted in spring 2020 with the intent to offer affordable, clean, dirty, and inclusive botanical support. We are not a luxury brand. We are a small batch project, committed to providing organic and/or wildcrafted ingredients (all wildcrafted ingredients are hand-picked with intention). 


Our products are herbalist-formulated by our founder to be soft but strong, always paraben free, fragrance free, chemical free, and essential oil free for sensitive and intimate use. 


Madison Murray is an herbalist, creative, and occultist born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts. Her love affair with plants began ritualistically as a young witch casting spells with her surrounding New England elements. Plants have since supported Madison physically, emotionally, and soulfully.


She has a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and an education in herbalism from ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism.



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Essential oils are super potent botanical extractions that can require up to 250 pounds of plant material per one pound of essential oil. That's some powerful stuff! In the herbal community, many of us refer to essential oils as "herbal antibiotics" due to their high concentration. 

While we recognize that this kind of power is warranted in many circumstances, we do not promote essential oil routine use - topical or edible. We believe that essential oils should be used carefully and in moderation.


Herbal oil infusions effectively extract medicinal constituents without needing a tremendous amount of plant material. Because of this, oil infusions are not highly concentrated and safer for everyday use!



Founder and Formulator of PSYCHICK Herbs, Madison Murray (saintsoil) picks wild Vinca minor in Salem, Massachusetts.
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